Competition regulations

Architectural Competition Rules

§1 General Provisions

1. The Organizer of the "Building of the Year Constructed Using Aluprof Systems 2014 - 2016" competition, hereinafter referred to as the Competition, is ALUPROF SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA (hereinafter referred to as "Aluprof").
2. The competition principles are set out in these Rules (hereinafter the "Rules").
3. The duration of the competition is from 1.04.2016 to 31.07.2016.
4. The aim of the competition is to select the most appealing architectural buildings constructed with the use of Aluprof aluminium systems, and to promote contemporary architecture, to create a forum where it will be presented, and the latest projects and architectural implementations discussed.  
5. The competition is open to the general public and applies to buildings constructed using Aluprof systems in the Republic of Poland, EU countries and the USA between 1 January 2014 and 31 July 2016. A condition of submitting a building to the competition is that the building facade must be completed (although finishing-off works may still be ongoing inside the building).
6. You will find all information about the competition at and

§2 Taking part

1. The competition is for architects whose buildings using Aluprof systems were constructed between 1 January 2014 and 31 July 2016, and whose applications and also the building submitted satisfy the conditions set out in the Rules. There is no limit on the number of buildings which each architect may submit.
2. Members of the Jury cannot take part in the competition.
3. Designing a building and submitting an application as indicated in section 1 are conditions which those taking part in the competition must satisfy. 
4. Application must be by a completed form as indicated in section 7.
5. Applications may be submitted up to 15.06.2016.
6. The application should be sent using the online form or by post. The competed form should be sent within the deadline for submitting applications i.e. up to 15.06.2016. Acceptance of the application will be confirmed after it is checked, by informing the applicant by separate e-mail.
7. The application must be completed in accordance with the instructions which you will find at or i.e. the exact data of the architect of the building (name and address/company name, legal form, address telephone, email address),  of the person submitting the building (name and address/company name, legal form, address telephone, email address) and data for the building ( name of building, developer’s name, contractor’s name, address of the building  and the Aluprof systems used) must be provided, and also photographic documentation of the building being submitted must be attached. A photograph of a clearly visible general view of the building is required. Photos submitted as photographic documentation should be of a minimum size of 2400 x 1600 pixels. 
8. The submitted application should contain a declaration by the author(s) of the building being submitted, for the use of the project for the competition purposes and their consent to process their personal data i.e. name and address of designer of the project or the architect's studio, name of contractor, developer's name and the photos of the building submitted, for the purposes and to the extent required in the competition.
9. In submitting the application to the competition, the applicant consents to have his materials submitted, to be published in the public media. The relevant declaration will be made on the application form, or sent through the post.
10. Third parties may submit a building to the competition, who is/are not the author(s) of the building, and have the author's/authors’ authorization for this and the author’s consent to use the competition project for the purposes of the competition and for publication of materials submitted to the competition in the public media. Third parties submitting the application are under an obligation to submit to the Organizer a declaration by the architect(s), on behalf of whom they make the application for his/their participation in the competition, consenting to make declarations on his behalf in matters relating to the competition, including declarations as set out in section 8 and 9 and in § 5 section 1, 2 and 8 of the Rules. Applicants should attach the consent for processing their personal data and the author(s) /co-authors consent for their data to be processed i.e. name and surname of the author of the project or the architect's studio, contractor’s name, developer’s name and the photos of the building submitted, for the purposes and in the extent required in the competition.
11. The applicant must provide the details of all authors/co-authors of the building being submitted. The application submitted is deemed to be the applicant’s declaration in respect of the above. The provisions of section10 are applied as appropriate. 
13. Aluprof shall not be liable to third parties for the content of an application submitted by the applicant on their behalf.

§3 Prizes

1. There are three prizes in the competition – one for each of the three persons selected, as set out in §4:
a) 1st prize – PLN 50 000.00,
b) 2nd prize – PLN 30 000.00,
c) 3rd prize – PLN 15 000.00.
2. The prizes will be paid out within 30 days from the date on which the competition results are announced, by bank transfer into the account indicated by the winners.
3. The prizes awarded in the competition may be subject to taxation on principles under the Personal Income Tax Act. If a natural person wins an award who does not conduct economic activity, Aluprof will deduct the appropriate tax and will issue the appropriate acknowledgement to the winner. If a natural person who conducts economic activity wins a prize, he/she must satisfy the tax obligations connected with receiving the award.
4. Architects of the 10 buildings nominated in the competition will be awarded distinctions in the form of diplomas.


§4 Competition Procedure

1. The Competition Jury, comprising architects, representatives of the branch Press and persons from the architects or construction sector will select the competition project winners. The list of Jury members is to be found at .Members of the Jury consent separately to the processing of their personal data i.e. name and surname, educational eve, profession and photo as required for the purposes of the competition, including consent for their publication on . 
2. On the elapse of the deadline for submitting applications, the Organizer of the competition will prepare all accepted applications together with the documentation attached to them and select 50 projects, which will proceed to the next stage. The deliberations of the Competition Jury will take place in August 2016. The results will be announced during a special gala in September 2016.
3. The competition will be divided into three stages:
a) Stage I  - the competition Organizer will select 50 projects,  from the projects submitted, which will proceed to the next stage, 
b) Stage II  -  the Competition Jury will select 10 projects,  from those which qualified in stage I, which will proceed to stage III,
c) Stage III  - the Competition Jury will select 3 projects, from those which qualified in stage II, from which each will be awarded one of the three prizes indicated in §3. 
4. All authors of the buildings, whose buildings qualify for the 50 buildings selected by the Organizer, will take part in a special Gala, as the competition finale, which will be held in September 2016.  Invitations and the date and venue of the Gala will be sent by Aluprof to the applicable persons.
5. The results of Stage I will be published one within 15 days of the deadline for submitting applications. The results of the 2nd and 3rd Stages will be announced during the special Gala in September 2016.

§ 5 Internet Users’ Choice of the most Appealing Building of the Year 2014 - 2016.

1. From 16.06.2016 to 05.09.2016 internet users can vote online on the Competition web site "Building of the Year constructed using Aluprof systems " (link to, in order to choose the most appealing building from those selected in the 1st stage of the competition.
2. Visitors to the site are entitled to one vote only per day. Out of the internet users who chose the appropriate building which wins 1st place as the most appealing, the Organizer will select the winners of 20 in-kind prizes by random lottery.
3. The architect whose building receives the most votes will receive the title of “Internet Users’ Choice for Distinction".

§ 6 Final provisions

1. The winning buildings will appear in the branch and public media which may contain information on the materials used in Aluprof, the developer’s name, name and surname of the author of the project, contractor’s name. The applicant in submitting the application consents to the aforesaid.
2. Aluprof acquires the right to use the buildings which have won or obtained distinctions in the competition to publish and present them in exhibitions, both nationally and abroad, for an undefined period, whilst retaining copyright. The applicant, in submitting the application to the competition, consents to the above.
3. All queries relating to the competition should be sent to: 
4. The Rules come into force on April 2016. 
5. These Rules are available in the registered office of Aluprof or on the web site  .
6. Advertising material for the competition is for information purposes only –  the provisions of these Rules alone are binding.
7. Taking part in the competition is taken as acceptance of these Rules. 
8. An applicant taking part in the competition consents to:
a) present his competition project in accordance with section 1 and 2,
b) have his personal data processed (name, surname, profession, place of work) for purposes connected with the competition.
9. All disputes arising in the course of the competition and not foreseen in these Rules will be resolved by the Organizer.
10. Each participant has the right to make a complaint to the Organizer as to the manner in which the Competition is held, in writing, within 7 days after it ends.
11. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Rules.
12. The Civil Code will apply to matters not regulated in these Rules.